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High School

Being confirmed does not mean that you have completed your faith journey!

Faith formation activities are available for youth grades 9 to 12.  This is a great time for youth to stretch their faith and lead and serve and learn at ministry events.  We’ll help you to stay active in your faith journey!

Wednesday Night High School Group

On Wednesday’s during the school year, high school students are invited to apply their faith to what life is throwing their way. 

  • Bring friends! It doesn't matter if they've never been to church.

  • Grades 9-12

  • A laid-back time to grow into God’s loving grace and mercy

Leadership Opportunities

We greatly value the passion and enthusiasm of high school students, so we provide plenty of opportunities for them to be leaders.  

  • Leading middle school activities

  • Leading worship music

  • Training to be peer leaders with more responsibilities

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